MyPassword App Getting Started Guide

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  1. Activate Your MyPassword Account

To begin, you will initially receive an email asking you to activate your account. Continue by clicking Activate Account, or you can copy and paste the link below into a web browser to continue.

Click Activate Account and you continue to the next step, setting your Security Questions and Password.

  1. Choose your Security Questions and Answers.
    Select three security questions that you would like to help secure your account. Choose something you will be able to remember easily, but hard for anyone else to guess. You will be able to change these later.
  2. Choose your Password.
    Choose a complex password that will be used as your own personal account for MyPassword App.

Then click Activate Account, and you are done! It will immediately log you in.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Site

Once you have activated your account, you will be logged directly into the site. Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the various areas





Quickly create new Passwords or Folders

Folders can be created here to help better manage and organize passwords.


Edit your selected Password or Folder

With Selected

Move, bookmark, or disable any selected items


Top Toolbar



My Vault

Where you store your personal credentials and passwords. No one else has access to this area but you.

Whether you are in MyVault or the Company Vault, this is where your passwords will be listed for viewing and editing

Company Vault

Any passwords added for the company to be shared are found here.

3. Input Your Passwords

Now you are ready to enter in your passwords. Doing this is very easy. Simply click New Password to get started.






Select which folder you would like to store your password in


Folders can be created here to help manage and organize passwords


Your username (sometimes an email address)


Pick a category to help categorize your passwords


You can create a random password and also view the strength of your password with the colored bar


The website associated with this password


Anything else you’d like to add

Optional: Install the Browser Extension

The MyPassword App includes a web browser extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox that allows you to use your stored passwords easily and securely with many of your favorite websites without the need to log directly into the password site first.

To download and install the extension, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings, then Downloads
  2. Click the correct Download for your Browser
  3. Follow the instructions specific to your browser
  4. Log in and give it a Try!

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