Passly Activation: Mobile Phone/Tablet (Same Device as Token Device)

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Passly Activation: Mobile Phone/Tablet (Same Device as Token Device)


Follow these instructions after reviewing Passly First Time Setup:

Setup your Mobile Device

2FA is required by all Apps that, in the future, you will access using just the Passly Master Password. To prepare for this you must set up 2FA for the Passly app itself. The following 4 steps will complete that and finish your onboarding activation process.

1.    Download the Passly Mobile App

On your mobile device, search for “Passly” in the app store. Download the App called “Passly Authenticator.” When you open it, you will be asked for permissions. Best practices are:

Location Services: Allow when using

Notifications: Allow

2.    Select your 2FA Recovery Device

When following the activation welcome email from a phone, you will be directed to a menu of options to associate a Passly account with a 2FA token. There are currently 4 authentication options available – iPhone, Android, Windows Desktop and U2F token. Select iPhone or Android to set up with a 2FA token and click “Next”.

3. Find and Copy your Key

a. Under the QR code, click the text that says "Having trouble scanning the QR code?"

b.  On this screen, make a note of the key or copy it:

4.    Add your Passly Account

a. Open the Passly app on your phone, click the + sign, and select the "I don't have a barcode" option

b. On the next menu, select "Passly"

c. On this window enter the Passly username and the character string (without space) and hit submit. 

d. You should now see your Passly account added to your app. Tap the entry and you will see it generate a OTC (One-Time-Code)

5.    Verify and Complete

a. On your phone, you will now see a single entry for Passly. Tap to copy the code and return to your web browser window (step 3) and select "Continue without Push"

b. On this screen enter the OTP generated in the Passly app and hit Verify and Save. (Note: thise code does expire, so you may need to return to the app to copy it)

When your account is successfully linked, you will see the following screen:

Selecting the “Nice. Let’s Move On” button will immediately launch you into the Getting Started page. That’s it! You are done with first time setup.

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