Using Workplace – Power User Advanced Tips

Workplace – Power User Advanced Tips


If you are the type of user who moves fast and needs all your data to be available at a moment’s notice, there are a few key points to Workplace functionality that are important to understand and best practices that will improve your overall experience.


Syncing does not begin until a document is saved


When you have a document open and are editing it, Workplace will lock the document for you. However, none of the changes you make will sync for other people to see until you save.

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Though Workplace will save any changes you made if you lose connection before syncing is complete, best practice is to keep your computer connected to the internet until the “Sync Complete” icon is displayed in the taskbar/menu bar.


Staying connected allows changes made by your team to sync


Although maintaining a connection to the internet is always good idea regardless of your location, you will find it especially helpful in the following situations:

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Your device has been offline for any amount of time, be it the commute from the office or a long plane flight with no WiFi.

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You are working somewhere with a slow or unreliable connection.

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Your teammates are actively working on a large amount of data, or working on data you may need at a moment’s notice.

By making sure the Workplace service is able to process any changes as quickly as possible, you will minimize your wait time the next time you try to view or edit a recently changed file.  


Locking files in advance to use offline


If you will be working on a file while offline and wish to avoid conflicts with other members of your team, you can lock a file beforehand by right clicking the file and selecting “ Lock”.


This will indicate to your team that the file has been reserved by you, until you are done working on it and right click and toggle the “Locked” menu item.

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