Passly Introduction: What is Passly?

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Passly Introduction


Short Version: What is Passly?

Passly is an app and a website designed to be your single destination for passwords and 2-factor. Some services (like Office 365) can even use Passly’s login to verify your identity when logging in. This means that if a service is connected to Passly for single sign on, you will only need to know your Passly password to log in.

Detailed Version: Passly, MFA, and SSO


Passly is an app that combines single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and password management into one flexible, comprehensive and integrated solution. When you add a login to Passly (like your email) you will only need to know your Passly password and have access to the Passly app to log in. You can also use Passly’s log into sites that are not compatible with Passly for SSO. These sites will have their traditional unique passwords that are verified via 2FA codes stored in Passly.


What is MFA?

MFA (multi-factor authentication) is a security method that requires more than one piece of information to verify identity before logging in.


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What is SSO?


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SSO (single sign-on) is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID (user/password) to different independent systems (software/websites).

Thousands of sites and applications (including Microsoft Office) are compatible with Passly, allowing you to memorize only one master password, while keeping you safe from the security concerns associated with using the same password everywhere.   

When you log in to a site or application connected to Passly, the service will detect that your account uses SSO and ask Passly to authenticate you. During sign-on you will be redirected to the Passly login, enter your Passly information, then seamlessly re-directed back to your original site.

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