"Your connection is not private" - error when trying to open secure email

This is the message that is received:

This is happens when a web provider fails to have an up-to-date security certificate. In the case of this screen shot it is Microsoft's secure mail portal

If you trust the source of the URL that produced the error; you can:

  • Click "Advanced"

A message will appear that says:

This server could not prove that is is XXXXXXX; its security certificate is

from XXXXXXXX. This may be cause by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

If you believe with good cause that you are on the correct side you can:

  • Click "Proceed to xxxxx.domain.com (unsafe)

The the site will then load.  This problem is not uncommon, forcing you to take these steps but always evaluate the potential risk of each situation based on what you are currently doing with your computer when it happens.

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