Reviewing the Global Email Quarantine on your Sophos XG

 1. Login to your Sophos XG Webadmin console at:  (use your enduser admin account, not the default "admin" user to ensure your change audit trail is meaningful)

2. To access the email quarantine area:

  • Click on Protect > Email to access the email section of your Sophos XG Firewall
  • Select SMTP Quarantine from the top navigation
  • Use the Sender/Recipient/Subject field to enter your search criteria
  • Click "Filter" to execute your search.

3. The SMTP Quarantine Data section will list all the email in the quarantine. From this list you can Download message to review them; delete them, or release the messages to the users. This is the global quarantine, individual quarantines management is available on a user by user basis via the User portal at

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