How to Enable Closed Captions in Cyber Awareness Training Videos

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Ensuring accessibility for all users is a priority for us, and that includes providing closed captions for our cyber awareness training videos. Follow the simple steps below to activate closed captions while viewing the training content:

To activate the closed captions:

  1. Play the Video: Start playing the training video.
  2. Hover Over the Video Player: Move your mouse over the video player to reveal additional options.
  3. Click the "CC" Button: In the toolbar, locate and click the "CC" button.
  4. Select Language: A menu will appear. Choose "English" from the available options. Please note that we recommend against using "English: Auto-generated" as it may not provide optimal accuracy.

These steps ensure that closed captions are displayed.

For any further assistance or questions regarding our training materials, or if you discover a video without accessibility features, please reach out to the TechNosis Support team.

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