Configure Fantastical with 365/Passly

Updated by Cody Hefter

  • With Fantastical open, choose Fantastical → Preferences in the menu bar (or use the hotkey ⌘,)
  • In the Preferences window, choose Accounts
  • Use the + sign on the bottom left to add an account
  • Enter your email address and hit continue (configure manually will not work with Passly enabled)
  • Fantastical will open another window in your default web browser
  • Enter your credentials in the Passly window and click Log In
  • Choose your verification method and authorize using your device
  • It will confirm that authorization is complete in the window, you can now close it
  • Back in the Fantastical Preferences window, you should see your account. Enable this account should be checked by default; if not, check it.
  • Your calendar will now be usable in Fantastical

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