Sophos SSL VPN Client Installation and Use


Go to your user web portal at the address provided to you.
Log in using your Windows username and password.

Navigate to the Remote Access tab (indicated with the arrow below)

Download the SSL VPN Client (full installation package)

Run the application when the download finishes, accepting the default values.

After installation, Sophos SSL VPN Client will be visible in the start menu as shown below.  Open the application.  Note that if it is already running, you may see a warning indicating that it is already running.

The program is running in the task bar shown as a set of red or green traffic lights.

Connecting the VPN

To connect to your office network, you will need to connect using the steps below.

Locate the Sophos SSL VPN Client icon in your icon tray.  Right-click, then select Connect as shown below.

Enter your Windows username (must be lowercase in most instances) and password into the User Authentication dialog box

When you are connected, the traffic lights will turn to green as shown below.

Disconnecting the VPN

Locate the now green traffic lights in the icon tray.  Right-click, then select Disconnect

You are now disconnected from the network.

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