Becoming Familiar with the Latest Microsoft Tools

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As technology evolves and computer environments are updated to meet modern standards, unfamiliar changes can pose a challenge when getting a new computer. Microsoft has developed an excellent free online training suite for users to develop their skills.

Training on the Office 365 Suite

The migration from old Microsoft Office apps to the new Office 365 suite is one of the more noticeable changes that frequently accompanies a new computer. The features of the programs are largely the same, but the look, feel, and location of many of the icons have changed.

For users wanting guidance on how to use Office 365, the Microsoft Training Center provides easy to follow tutorials for all Office apps at:

FAQs for Windows 10&11

After more than a decade, Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. The modern, secure OS, Windows 10, has a slightly different look and feel. For frequently asked questions, the Windows Support Center has you covered:

Support for Broken Applications

Though TechNosis does not provide training on how to use O365 or Windows 10, we are here to help if something is broken. Support tickets can be created via the portal at

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