Pinning Network Programs to the Desktop

Step 1: Create a new text file on your desktop
Right-click your desktop and create a new Text Document (text document.txt) 
Give the text file a relative name to your the shortcut you want to create and change the extension from 'txt' to 'exe' (so 'new text document.txt' - to - 'IT Resources.exe') 
Click "Yes" to agree to change the file extension

Step 2: Pinning to start menu or taskbar
Right-click this exe file and select 'Pin to start menu or taskbar' 
The file will now show up in either that you chose. In this article we'll assume you pinned it to the taskbar.

Step 3: Setting the shortcut path
Right-click the icon in the taskbar, a menu will show up with the name of the file you provided and an unpin option, right-click on the name you gave it and select properties. 
In the 'shortcut' tab simply change the 'Target' and 'Start in' paths to the relative path of the shortcut you actually want; "\\my network path\folder\subfolder"

Step 4: Change icon if you like
Simply click on the "change icon" button and choose whatever icon you'd like to use. 
Click apply and ok

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